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Massage Treatment to treat bruises

If you're struggling with chronic pain, lack mobility or injuries Massage therapy could be a solution to consider. Massage therapy can be a wonderful way to restore the body's functionality by improving tissue repair, flexibility and increasing muscle endurance. These are just a few of the massage t…

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Massage Using Ashiatsu Techniques

Ashiatsu, an ancient therapy that is barefoot-based, involves the practitioner dipping their feet in mineral water and then putting their hands in it. A barefoot therapist will usually have a patient lie face down on a wooden or mineral table. The therapist then will use ropes, wooden blocks, seats …

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Massage Therapy to help Health and Wellness

Thai massage is a form of alternative therapy that blends massage, Acupuncture as well as Indian Ayurvedic practices, as well as guided yoga postures. Thai massage was the first massage to incorporate Shen lines, a name derived from yoga science. They are similar to nadis according to the holistic p…

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What exactly is a Thai massage?

Thai massage or Thai yoga massage is a relic of ancient healing combining traditional Indian Ayurvedic techniques, acupressure and yoga positions. Click here The theory of Shen lines, sometimes referred to as energy-lineswas originally employed as "Thai Yang massage". This technique has a similarit…

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